Take your sports betting
to the next level with this easy to use mobile application


Chaser offers sports bettors a single environment to elevate their betting game. Use Chaser for in-depth pre and live game data, bet tracking, notifications on all game and bet activities, and comprehensive news articles from leading betting communities.

OUR Features


No matter what sportsbook you use, Chaser offers you one place to keep track of all your betting activities.

Notification Freedom

Offering a vast abundance of notification options you currently won't find anywhere else. Be notified the way you prefer.

Live data

Live data on all major soccer competitions. Standings, Head to head all other important game information.

News outlet

Chaser connect's with a selection of leading sport bettings communities to bring you comprehensive betting tips and news.

Why Chaser?

Built to overcome the difficulties we found when betting across different platforms


Clear Overview

Chaser uses a clear design to enable you to check your current or past bets in the easiest way possible. Add single bets, multiple plays, or dive into your existing bets for more information regarding your odds or notifications. All within one clear overview.


In-depth Game data

Improve your game knowledges with Chaser's in-depth game data. Head to head information, standings and live match information all in one clear overview.  


Find community tips

To help you find exciting opportunities, Chaser offers weekly betting tips sent in by our community. Find that bet you didn’t know about!

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